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A hobby artist drawing things for fun. Sadly i'm not going to make flash animation here because i'm not really good at it. But hope ya enjoy my doodlios

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Drawing for only Fun

Already done with School

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Posted by CapnJ - September 13th, 2021


Frankly overwhelming, but i appreciate everyone for support and care! :D

Posted by CapnJ - September 27th, 2020


It took so long but it's all finished now! Netronian Chaos has been updated to Version 3.4 and fixed, improved and changed things. Also added the addon named "Coup de Main", that includes extra 8 weapons and 17 enemies!

Please check out the official zdoom forum thread for more details, and download, obviously:




Posted by CapnJ - August 26th, 2019


Some old thing i drew when it was my Birthday.

... Oh wait, it's today.

EDIT: Certain Timezone might be still at 26th. But here, it's actually 27th!


Posted by CapnJ - August 4th, 2019

Special thanks to domobot's generous scouting, now i can post more art here. I can be active on Newgrounds!

Thanks for waiting, and there will be more stuff coming soon. :D

EDIT: I just posted all of my recently drawn artwork. Again, many thanks to domobot for scouting!


Posted by CapnJ - May 4th, 2019

Seems like i've hit the Limit. Unfortunately i'm not really talented yet They haven't Scouted me. So i'm afraid it's time to say goodbye to Newgrounds. However i would take any Comment or Message here, so don't worry.

It's been nice posting my works, although it's Semi-Private. Thanks for enjoying my Humble works!

Posted by CapnJ - April 3rd, 2019

I dunno. And always will be. Anyway i just posted some artwork i that should've posted for few days ago.

Have fun now!

Posted by CapnJ - December 4th, 2018

At long last!!! I have posted all of my drawings, old to new, and now they're ready to be enjoyed. But i feel really like spammed around the Pixel Art Category and i'm so sorry about this. But at least it's all over now!

Also overall rating of my works are normal to slightly-low... But i don't feel so bad because man, they're so honest, sincere about it! Now i can see what is flawed, what is great.

So yeah, feel free to tell me your thoughts about my drawings and whatnot, and i really appreciate you for rating and commenting. That means a lot!☆

EDIT: There will be more artwork to post, however. Sorry for breaking this up, but i swear this is going to be the last spamming!

DABLE EDIT: All posted. Really! All posted for sure!


Posted by CapnJ - December 1st, 2018


Still stuck with uploading 2017 drawings... And that's why some of them looks pretty bad. And not sure it's okay to spam all of my drawings like this.

I'm not confident with my drawing really. But Super-Thanks to people who loves my work, even though they aren't so great... I appreciate it!


Posted by CapnJ - November 26th, 2018


I have decided to make my Newgrounds Account! Since so many people recommended me to do so. I might post some of my best artwork picks!